The Netherlands has a holiday blackface problem

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Debates over Black Pete are bringing up race and identity issues many Dutch people didn’t think they had.

Life in a former Pakistani Taliban stronghold

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A military operation in 2009 chased Pakistani Taliban and Al Qaeda militants from parts of the South Waziristan tribal region. Now the army, in collaboration with NGO’s and government agencies, is working to remedy years of official neglect. Locals have mixed feelings about the efforts.

Pakistan’s most famous dancing girl

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Sensual mujra dancers have existed for centuries in Pakistan, but recently they’re getting so popular that new cinema’s are build to cater for their growing audiences.

Turkey’s great divide

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Women on both sides of Turkey’s protests speak out.

How run for office in Pakistan – as a female

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One man said: A woman’s place is either in the home or in the grave.

Cyprus: Crisis for peace

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Turkish Cypriots hope the financial crisis prompts a peace agreement.

Pakistan’s career women

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While the Pakistani Taliban try to put women behind the walls of their home, exactly the opposite is happening.

Seven years as correspondent in Pakistan

Pauw en Witteman
Dutch current affairs discussion program (in Dutch)

I’m interviewed on my seven years as Pakistan correspondent.

Kurds mourn killed PKK members and support peace

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Short impression and comments on the funeral for PKK-founder Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Soylemez

Drug abuse in Pakistan is skyrocketing

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Pervaiz, a 17-year old heroin addict, agrees to get treatment.

Suzanna Koster